A unique carnival makeup proposal

08 Feb 2018, Posted by LondonMakeupInstitute in News
carnival makeup proposal

The season of carnival is here and thoughts about our costumes are “running the show”. We searched and found the easiest makeup for an unforgettable transformation.
Undoubtedly number one make up look for carnival is….what else?…. a cat woman. We are here to help you create with only 3 steps your own unique cat look!

Step 1
First of all with a black eye pencil, color the upper part of your lips and then the high end of your nose. After that, connect the two areas with a vertical line.

Step 2
Create an intense eye look with the black eye pencil and for more emphasis apply the cat – eye technique. Complete your cat eyes by using false eyelashes.

Step 3
With the same black eye pencil draw some dots on your cheek bones and then the cat’s moustache.
And just with a few steps…you are ready for the party!

Furthermore, if your skills in makeup are in advance level you can transform this make up into a fabulous Animal Body Painting. Continue the painting, expand it down your neck by drawing big black spots to the right and left. Then, fill the spots with golden color eyeliner.

For London Makeup Institute by Elissavet Boziki.

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