Sam & Vana

We are delighted to present you our new partners, Sam and Vana, who officialy form a team which supports, develops and frame up Special & Theatrical Events. Sam and Vana are certified cognizants of Creative makeup & avant fared hairstyling. Also, they are winners of Balkanian and local contests. More specifically these artists are graduated students from London Makeup Institute while Vana has the IMA certificate. Two complete artists who not only work in makeup, but also Sam is a longtime hairstylist with experience in fashion and Vana is a nail artist. They are founders of the team “Color Illusion Team” and they are ready, full of energy with new artistic creations which will amaze you!

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Olga Chrysa Papitsa is an upcoming and talented makeup artist at Special Effect makeup. She completed her studies on professional makeup in 2009. Over the past 10 years she has been dealing with special effect in which she is self-taught. With love and passion for her work, and with continuous development, she cooperates as SFX Artist for 5 year with eGaming, the bigger Balkan Gaming Event, with Ahenscon for two years, the biggest Comic Conference in Greece, for three years in RawRec Production Company for many video clips, photo shootings, fashion videos and covers for music discs. She has been collaborated with the gratest names of the Greek Music productions, like Imiskoubria, Mithridatis, Euthimis, Chaostar, Sexpyr at their video clips. Now, her goal, with the help of her precious mentor Ari kolokonte, she is approaching to become and Creature Designer.

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Konstantinos Pavlidis was born in Thessaloniki in 1983. An important artist of the new generation, he studied sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. A student of the professor and sculptor George Tsaras, he has worked on animation and was mainly interested in creating installations and projects related to scenography. In sculpture he has been engaged mainly in soft materials such as wood, creating connections with abstract tendencies. From 2003 till today, he has participated in major exhibitions and events in Greece and abroad, including exhibitions in Belgium, Sofia, Athens, Thessaloniki and Mykonos, as a Graphic Designer, an Animation Director and in Scenography-Stage Design.

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