Louis Contantinou is a multifaceted artist who does not cease to cross and seek the limits of his art in fields like photography, painting, graffiti, tattooing, as well as any form of expression and communication. He is involved in photography since 1993, approaching it not only in a technically sound way, but also artistically and philosophically. He has challenged himself photographically, successfully participating in multiple projects. He has seen his work being published in websites, books and magazines worldwide and he has collaborated with people who excel in their fields. He continuously seeks innovative ways to express himself through the mean the represents him the most and he loves to support and guide young artists develop their talent. In front of his camera lens, he has had not only famous personalities, but also people of every age and nationality. Today, he is occupied with street photography, editorials and various theatrical concepts. He lives and works permanently in Zurich, Switzerland.

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mara lazaridou


Mara Lazaridou is a nationally acclaimed photographer. Over the last 8 years, she has built a unique career in advertisement and fashion photography. She has collaborated with magazines such as Adore, Epiloges, Crawford, Confidential and others, photographing many celebrity artists and models in Greece. Her unique style is distinct to any viewer, inspired by her travels and the people around her, while she enjoys using color and minimal compositions. Famous fashion houses, including MED, Billy Sabbado, Zini, Intervista, SposaModa, Veta Accessories etc., have trusted her with the presentation of their collections. She has made the portraits of many famous artists. Furtermore, she works as an freelance contributor for the magazines published by the commercial stores Notos Galleries and Mediterranean Cosmos.


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Aris Rammos was born in 1978, in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he lives and works.
His interest in photography began when he was a child. He always loved to take pictures while watching people’s expressions. He loved portraits and that’s how the story begins. He always had his camera with him in order to be ready to grasp a moment, an expression, a smile or a nod.
His career as a photographer begins in 2006; cooperation with Mi-Ro designers and Anna Kapsali, travelling to Sofia and Rome leads his photos published in Vogue magazine, but also in Soul, GLOW, Life & Style, Status, BHMAGAZINO, BHMAGOURMET and L’Officiel.
Since 2011 he is the official photographer for Thessaloniki Film Festival and Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.
During his career he had the chance to take portraits from famous people such as Alexander Payne, Film Director & Oscar winner (2011) and Din & Dan, Dsquared (2010).

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Ioannis Vergadis was born in 1990 in Thessaloniki. From child he loved the light all motives and movements. He graduated from the Department of Cinema of the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, as well as from the private institute ESP Photography School. His love for animated images is constantly growing and he is specialized in the video and editing. His business trip begins in 2013 when he starts to work at Dimitris Andritsos’s studio, while he is part in the fashion and advertising industry and cooperates with the Adore magazine.Since then, many companies have trusted his ‘’eyes’’ (MED, ZINI, VETA, MISS ROSY, DOCA, VAMP) who have been collaborating for the past 3 years. Now he is considered a video artist with a fresh and alternative perspective that tries to harmonize the image and the sound, outlining personal experiences and memories.

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iris georgiadou


Iris Georgiadou is a famous photographer based in Thessaloniki, Greece. She has been trained as well worked next to very important photographers of the city.  Her photographic perspective is different for Thessaloniki’s standards and recently has opened her own photographic studio, “Studio Iris”. Her passion for fashion and portraits is what makes her more willing to bring a fresh air in beauty / glam portraits.
For Iris creative makeup is also a source of creativity, as her artistic anxieties started at an early age, which also pointed to differentiate her as a photographer in makeup portraits. At age 17 she shows her work for the first time through her personal You tube channel, something pioneering for that time, as it was one of the only two channels of beauty. Since then, she attracts the attention of people inside and outside Europe. Her work has been published in the Italian Vogue, while in the Philippines an article has been published to her honor. She is an Alex Box’s great admirer, but also photographer Lara Jade’s who has inspired her to work in fashion photography.

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