Glitter Smokey Eye Makeup

20 Dec 2017, Posted by LondonMakeupInstitute in News
Glitter Smokey Eye Makeup

How To do the Hottest Glitter Smokey Eye Makeup For Every Festive Season!

Christmas, and this day you need to make an impression!
Wear this Little magic Black Dress and we are here to tell you step by step how to make the ultimate makeup!

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Step 1
Place a primer on the entire surface of the eye, pick a brown eye pencil and place it on the eyelid, focusing on the outer corner of the eye, then “calm” the product with a brush without crossing the niche, and place a dark brown shadow to “lock” the pencil.

Step 2
With a dark-cool brown shadow, find the niche and place it with a brush to give to your look a depth. Work carefully your shadows not to “graze” you.

Step 3
And it’s time for the glitter! Get a glitter glue (NYX) and place a small amount of glitter in the half of the eyelid to pick the glitter, choose a golden glitter gold (if you want in shades of your choice) and put finger it for convenience on the glue it had already placed. Do not forget mascara and eye pencil black inside the eye.

Step 4th
Finally place the foundation the concealer and do not forget blushes to be in earthy shades.

Step 5
Lipstick if you want to steal the impressions put a red!

Glitter Smokey Eye Makeup


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From the Make-up Artist Elissavet Boziki