Makeup artist Career

Makeup artist career career must have an aptitude for visual arts. You need good speaking and listening skills. You must also have good decision making, critical thinking and time management skills. In addition to that and the technical skills, you will learn by attending our makeup artist school, certain soft skills, or personal qualities, will help you succeed in this occupation.

Professional makeup artist

Occupations With Related Activities and Tasks you need to have good relationship is Costume Attendant,Cosmetologist or Hairdresser,Embalmer.

Make a  Makeup Artist Career!

Take your natural interest and talent to another level and make a makeup artist career out of it !

Creative fields as makeup artistry, do not promise a bouquet of opportunities. You will have to work your way down and learn with every passing experience as fame depends on your clout. You need to invest ample time and efforts in equipping yourself with the nuts and bolts of makeup artistry. However, it is essential to keep in mind that,  the “hidden secret” for a brilliant makeup artist career is a vivid connection with your makeup artist school.

We, in London Make-Up Institute, aid our students and the program graduates, with a network of supportive services. We assist them  in the beginning of their makeup artist career to achieve their professional goals and make their dreams to come true by putting their  Best Foot Forward and Polishing up their Skills. Once they’ve become  successful makeup artists, we keep them Up-to-date with knowledge for the latest ongoing trends in the field of cosmetics and fashion. Among the offered service, you will find:




  • Consultancy service on career opportunities
  • Advice on strategies and valuable support for internships and job placement.
  • Guidance on preparing an appropriate CV which allows them to divulge their talent to the patrons and business owners
  • Advice on successful interviews
  • Regular update on new offered job positions
  • Visits to related businesses and companies


LMI maintains a strong contact network of major businesses and organizations which are active in the field of Make-up, Fashion, arts etc. in Greece, as well as internationally.

On the conclusive note, it is worth mentioning that to become a professional artist, the first base to cover is to gain top-notch hands-on training from the industry experts. Secondly, it is very important that you gain ample experience to make your portfolio stand out. LMI consultation and assistance service is always present when you need it.