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21 Dec 2017, Posted by LondonMakeupInstitute in News
makeup no makeup beauty trend

New trend in all fashion shows on the international catwalks…No makeup makeup.

Some women like full make-up coverage, although it seems flawless in the photos, is so easy to achieve it with a good amount of foundation, but actually getting the daily no makeup makeup is quite difficult. And behind all these is not only the right tone and shade of the foundation. There is more!
And this is the right skin care and some more… Follow the below steps to get the right result.

1) Skin care
Never forget the skin’s hydration before every make-up. Initially, use a de-make up to clean your face. Then place a lotion for further hydration. Then take your daily moisture cream and massage you face to ‘’wake-up’’ your skin. You can cool your face with a mineralize water that moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.

2) Transparent color
Find a foundation similar to your color skin. And make sure it’s water-based to avoid a heavy make-up. You can check the color by testing it on your neck area. The best thing to do is to see what looks on you in the day light, the color that will look invisible on the day light is your correct tone!

3) Skin type
If you have a dry skin, a wet or creamy base is the one for you, and if you have a regular skin type you can choose between a wet, creamy or compact foundation, depending on what you prefer. If you still have oily skin, you can achieve a more matte effect, dropping powder into the foundation to get the oiliness of your skin.


4) Concealer…not over do it.
Very often you need coverage only in specific places, so for a more natural look, a good idea is to apply your foundation only where is necessary and then use a little concealer for any spots.


5) Natural blush – “healthy look cheeks”
Put a lipstick in pink shade on the cheeks and with a brush work it until it gets “soften”, for natural cheeks.

Shine on with your natural beauty! Try No makeup makeup today!


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From the Make-up Artist Elissavet Boziki