The Truth

How important are the Degrees and Certifications in the Makeup Industry?

The makeup industry is clearly based on presenting your Portfolio (Book), namely displaying your skills, competence and knowledge on the art and your work as a Make-up Artist. Certificates and certifications play a very small role; as an example you will find many acclaimed Make-up Artists with significant careers have been self-taught.

In London Make-Up Institute we focus on the five more important points that will boost your career:

1) The complete and up-to-date professional training on the field of makeup
2) The development of the Make-up Artist portfolio
3) The refinement of your artistic and professional profile
4) Consultation and finally
5) The continuous re-feeding and refreshing of your knowhow with seminars

Will I receive a Certificate – Qualification of Attendance at the end of the Programs?

Yes, at the end of the training programs, you have the option to:

A) Either receive the Certificate – Qualification of the program completion by the London Make-Up Institute.

B) Or receive the Certification and Diploma of the International Make-up Association ΙΜΑ.

We solidly believe and advocate that in the case that you follow a career in the field of Make-up, your skills and professionalism play the biggest role. However, the reason why we have been included in the family of Schools that offer the ΙΜΑ  “International Make-up Association” certification is that:

  • ΙΜΑ sets pre-defined and high standards in education, training and hygiene of a professional Make-up Artisti, insured by the BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC).
  • The standards and the high training quality in the IMA Schools globally enjoy the acceptance and interest of the Global Make-up and Fashion Industry.
  • Moreover, our graduates have the opportunity to register in the global IMA network.

What we wish for as the London Make-up Insititute, is to arm and equip our students with every possible mean, to make them competitive in the field of Make-up,  in cities such as London (London school of Make Up), New York, Paris, Madrid, Dubai and many more.

Does the internship and hands on experience during my studies play an important role?

Taking into account that the art of make-up is overly applied and practical, practice is considered necessary. The London Make-Up Institute offers this opportunity, not only during classroom courses, but also in city runways, theatres and events. Having developed a network of partners that includes fashion designers, photographers, stylists, theatres etc., the London Make-Up Institute supports its students, who can participate in such events, in order to practice their skills.

Does the London Make-Up Institute guarantee that I will work after completing my studies?

No make-up school and no certification body can guarantee that after completion of your studies you will enter the work arena and you will have secured employment. What we promise you, is that we can prepare you and arm you with the most significant skills, to make you competitive in this field. In LMI, acknowledged professional partners of the Make-upArtistry will teach you and show you the path to success.