How to Properly Clean your Makeup Brushes!

21 Dec 2017, Posted by LondonMakeupInstitute in News
clean makeup brushes

You are a professional makeup artist and your brushes clearly are your important working tools, their cleanliness is all about for your right image. It is known that makeup brushes collect dust, grease, bacteria and other elements that can cause acne and burden the skin. So it is very dangerous if you do not wash them on a daily basis before using them in any makeup.

But the cleansing your brushes is not just a simple procedure. You need to Properly Clean Makeup Brushes. Every day, carefully, correctly, thoroughly, so that they do not spoil their texture and shape.

properly clean makeup brushes

Below you will see some simple steps to clean correctly your brushes.

1. Wet the brushes.
Keep all the brushes together and wet only the hair, careful not to wet the stem and the wood, with the “hair” facing down.


2. Put detergent.
Once the brush bristles are well wrung, place a small amount (drop) of a special cleanser or soft shampoo on the bristles of each brush.


3. Create foam.
Make foam by gently rubbing every brush in your hand or on a special cleaning equipment and make sure all hair is cleaned. You can also use your fingers for more thorough cleaning.

brushes cleaner wand


4. Rinse.

With the brushes “looking down” again, rinse the soap from the brushes with lukewarm water. Continue until all traces of lather is gone.


5. Dry.

Dry the brushes on a towel. Never leave your brushes wet because moisture spoils them.


6. Let dry completely.

After removing most of the water from the brushes, give them the correct shape again and let them dry in a towel.


7. Clean daily.

In addition to weekly cleaning, you can clean each brush separately daily with a special cleaning spray.


8. Keep your brushes (tips).

Synthetic brushes tend to get quite harder after a few uses. Every two (weekly) wash, put a little hair conditioner on your synthetic brushes to stay soft.

From the Make-up Artist Elissavet Boziki