Red smokey eye makeup tutorial

20 Dec 2017, Posted by LondonMakeupInstitute in News
red smokey eye makeup tutorial

Red is our favorite color-and we have some great tips for you for a Red smokey eye tutorial by wycon make up products!

Red color expresses intense potency, eroticism, success. It’s the color of attraction.

We will show step by step how to make a red eye makeup.The Red smokey eye makeup tutorial.

Step 1
We start with the eyes, with a primer (Wycon Primer Occhi & Labbra). Choose a shade in the color of the skin and with a round brush place it in the eye socket. Choose a shade in red color and with a touch up brush put it on the mobile eyelid. Choose a dark brown shade and place it with a pencil brush on the outer corner of the eye.

Step 2
With a de makeup product (Wycon  Biphasic Makeup Remover) clean the surface under the eyes for any lefts that fell from the shadows. Place a moisturizer (Wycon SH+3 Crema Nutriente) and then a foundation (Wycon Lifteffect SPF 15).

Red smokey eye makeup tutorial-Foundation Lift Effect wycon

Step 3
Zygomatic, do a light contouring with the wycon terracotta, we recommend you the Bronzing powder n.3 and then with an eyebrow pencil give shape. Do not forget the mascara and more specifically the infinity lashes mascara for a stunning look.

Red smokey eye makeup tutorial-bronzing powder wycon

Step 4
And finally to complete your makeup a nude lipstick is the ideal shade, try the Wycon Nude liquid lipstick. Finally, set up your makeup with a loose powder for a long lasting.

Red smokey eye makeup tutorial-wycon nude liquid lipstick


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