The perfect skin care by London Makeup Institute

17 Mar 2018, Posted by LondonMakeupInstitute in News
perfect skin care

As a professional makeup artist besides the right techniques and philosophy of makeup is important to be able to recognize the needs of different skin types. Understanding the specific features of the skin gives you the power with a good skin care to create the perfect canvas you want to work with. “Skin treatment for different skin types”…Does it ring a bell???
Follow the steps below and make them your daily routine for a flawless result.


Face Washing

There are many cleansing lotions and de-makeup cleansers amongst common cosmetics and famous brands. Choose one, suitable for all the skin types, and clean carefully your face. As a result, you will soothe and at the same time clean your skin.






Toner Lotion

By the time you apply your de-makeup cleanser, necessary condition is the use of a toner lotion. The toner lotion will optimize your de-makeup and refresh the skin. Fresh, smooth and clean, your skin is ready for the finalization of the skin care process.






Next step is the application of your serum. What is special about the serum is that although many believe that they can replace the hydration cream, it is there to boost it and improve its performance. The only thing you have to be careful with is to choose the right serum, to achieve the perfect lighting, refreshment, optimization and flexibility of the skin.





Face Hydration

Now is the time for your hydration cream! Choose the right cream depending on your skin type (combined, regular, oily) and apply it for extra care.





Lips Hydration

Finally, hydrate your lips with a lip balm and let it finalize your preparation before you start creating your makeup look. You can also use a scrub for your lips in case of a drought problem.




We want the face to be fresh, shiny and flexible. A good skin care will provide you the appropriate “canvas” that will help you create exceptional makeup looks. Love the good skin care and make it a daily routine!

For London Makeup Institute by Elissavet Boziki.