Turn your morning makeup into an evening one

08 Mar 2018, Posted by LondonMakeupInstitute in News
turn your morning makeup into an evening one

Waking up in the morning must be difficult. And it is not just that…you have to get ready for work and at the same time impress with your “look” at your after-work night out. But there is one problem…what will you do with your make-up?
Below you will find all the steps in order to transform your morning makeup look into an evening one!

Be fresh
Start with your everyday make up look, apply your makeup non make up technique on and you will easily transform your look into an evening glamorous one.

Put emphasis on your lipstick
You can have with you a red or purple lipstick. As soon as you will renew it, it will enhance your rock and fashionable attitude.

Upgrade your blush
Use a brush and apply your blush to the cheeks in order to put emphasis and color on your make up look. Terracotta can help you upgrade your contouring technique and make it more intense. In a few minutes you have already transformed your morning-day look into a more professional one.

Undoubtedly, eyeliner creates an intense cat-eye look so don’t forget to apply it on the moving eyelid.

Complete your look with a loose powder and you are ready to go!

Into a few minutes, you managed to transform your morning makeup into an evening one!

For London Makeup Institute by Elissavet Boziki.